Warranty Service

General Rules

We provide lifetime warranty service:

1. Since the date of purchase within 7 days of non-human factors of product failure occurs, we can provide you return service, and bear return shipping costs.

2. Since the date of purchase within 30 days of product fault of non-human factor, we offer free replacement and bear the transportation costs.

3. From the date of purchase within one year, we offer a free product repair services, and bear all shipping costs generated by the repair.

4. The purchase of more than one year, we will continue to provide free product repair services, customers need to bear the component and the shipping costs generated by the repair.


The following conditions are not covered by free warranty:

1. Damage caused by incorrect use or improper access power.

2. Damage caused by modification of circuits or components.

3. Product accessories.

4. Purchased from unauthorized dealer.

Returns and Exchanges Process:

Returns and exchanges information:

1. Return the original packaging should be intact, labels, manuals, warranty certificate and other accessories should be complete integrity, if included gifts, gifts shall be returned together.

2. China mainland and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions clients, please priority use SF-Express, overseas clients please contact us after payment if you have paid the freight, freight charges will be returned with refund together.

The Warranty Service Process:


The warranty service information:

When you need to repair, please pay attention to the package content must meet the following conditions:

1. Product (required).

2. Proof of purchase (required).

3. Attach a paper with fault description, your name, phone number and return address (required).

Note: In need of repair products must be reliable packaging, secondary damage caused in transit as a result is not reliable packaging, not covered under warranty.