Legacy Models


Mini-i Pro 2

Mini-i Pro 2 is the fourth generation of Matrix's Mini-i series DAC. It has retained the front panel design which combining square panel and dark glass, which has been continued since the first generation of mini-i series DAC, and added curved surface design to it, making the visual design of Mini-i Pro 2 more exquisite and beautiful. The re-tuned ES9016S D/A chip, LME49720 op-amplifier and TPA6120 headphone amplifier can effectively reduce the power consumption of the DAC and decrease its temperature rise while providing stronger performance.



The HPA-3B is the first full-balanced headphone amplifier in M-STAGE series, which supports both balanced and unbalanced outputs with three levels of gain. It applys fully symmetrical circuit layout, full signal path differential amplification, matched with customized precision potentiometer volume control from Alps, Wima and Nichicon audio-grade capacitors, Noratel toroidal transformers, and precision non-inductive resistor, these well-chosen components make the HPA-3B high performance and works reliable.


Mini-i pro

Mini-i pro is upgrade edition of Mini-i, it supports up to 32Bit/384kHz PCM signal playback, and DSD64/128/256 DSD signal playback via USB port connection. The aluminum chaisis make whole body more meticulous, the OLED display and configuration menu make you easier to use it. It contains the optical, coaxial, AES/EBU, USB digital input interfaces, and the XLR and RCA line output interfaces, the headphone output can easily to drive a variety of dynamic headphones.

New mini-i

The Matrix classic entry-level DAC & headphone AMP combo, Mini-i was integrated 2 AD1955 D/A chip, which supports up to 24Bit/384kHz PCM signal playback via USB port, and 24Bit/192kHz PCM audio stream playback via coaxial, optical and AES/EBU connection. The aluminum chaisis make whole body more meticulous, the OLED display and configuration menu make you easier to use it. It contains various digital input interfaces, and the XLR and RCA line output interfaces, the headphone output can easily to drive most of the full-size headphones.


X-SABRE is the first procust with an aluminum CNC body made by Matrix. With the the ES9018S 32Bit D/A chip and the XMOS asynchronous USB chip, it has powerful digital audio playback capabilities while having better jitter reduction than other digital audio systems. X-SABER support DSD64 and DSD128 signal play back, 32Bit/384kHz PCM signal play back. The design of the diamond cutting style, there are three high strength stainless steel nail at the bottom, it can minimizes the vibration£¬and to keep it in the best work status.


M-STAG HPA-2 and HPA-2USB is designed for high impedance headphone amplifier, Class A working mode can easily to drive 600 ohms dynamic headphones. Have line output function, can be used as preamp. Have two analog input(or one analog input and one USB input, only HPA-2USB), switching from front panel. HPA-2USB using PCM1793 D/A unit, support up to 24Bit/192kHz digital audio signal playback, support Windows and Mac OS.



X-SPDIF uses XMOS Asynchronous USB Audio Class 2.0 Chip. Achieve 24Bit/192kHz signal asynchronous transmission and playback, support low latency ASIO, KS professional audio software interfaces. The coaxial and AES/EBU output with a professional interface transmission chip to ensure maximum signal integrity. Not common-ground electrical isolation design to completely isolate the output port and the ground of computer, to eliminate the noise from computer to ensure sound quality.

M-Stage DAC-1

The M-Stage DAC-1 has the same appearance and size as the HAP-1, and the same lever switch makes it easy for users to combine the 2 devices. The input channel and the internal digital filter ROLL OFF mode can be quickly selected by the lever switch. The M-STAGE DAC-1 has optical and coaxial input that supports 24bit/192kHz audio stream playback, the USB port supports 24bit/96kHz signal playback under Windows and MAC OS. M-Stage DAC-1 uses BURR-BROWN PCM1792 D/A chip, and equipped with professional digital receiver chip with ultra-low jitter and independent clock. The USB input uses TAS1020B transmission chip. Analog op amp uses audio dedicated op amp OPA2134 to obtain good signal playback effect.

M-Stage HPA-1

M-STAGE HPA-1 has been continuously improved design and optimization, rigorous circuit design and high-quality components, always maintaining excellent sound performance and quality. The newly designed aluminum alloy casing adds a side air guiding groove to ensure the stability of the Class A working condition and fully exert the potential of the earphone. Designed for high-impedance headphones, the M-STAGE HPA-1 features Class A operation with high drive capability and high fidelity, making it easy to drive a wide range of headphones and set the gain. Using high quality metal film resistors, WIMA polypropylene capacitors, ALPS potentiometers, high quality ring-sealed power transformers, everything is perfect for excellent playback.


mini-portable is a portable DAC and headphone amplifier which built-in Lithium battery. Using ADI AD1955 D/A chip, the high-quality OP-AMP AD8620 and TPA6120A2 ultra low distortion headphone amplifier section, can easily drive all kinds of dynamic headphones. The optical and coaxial interface can playback up to 24Bit/192kHz digital audio signal, the USB interface can playback up to 24Bit/96kHz digital audio signal.


Rip using PCM1793 24Bit/192kHz D/A chip, OP+BUFF headphone amplifier circuit, one complex analog input, can be used as a headphone amplifier, low and high impedance two ways headphone output, can drive 300 ohms dynamic headphones. Coaxial interface support 24 Bit/192kHz signal playback, USB interface support 24 Bit/96kHz signal playback, support Windows and MAC OS, no need install driver.


Small volume high quality 24bit/96kHz USB audio interface, physical size only 18x70mm (φ×H), easily connect to USB cable and coaxial cable, no need external power, light and portable, convenient convert USB interface to Coaxial interface. Aluminum alloy shell shielded the signal interference effectively, the TAS1020B professional USB interface chip and DIT4096 digital audio transmitter. Not common-ground electrical isolation design to completely isolate the output port and ground of computer, to eliminate the noise from computer to imp sound quality.

Cube DAC

Cube DAC uses professional ultra-low jitter digital audio SoC chip SRC4382 and wolfson WM8740 24bit/192kHz D\A chip, to achieve high-quality playback. There are optical, coaxial and USB digital signal inputs, and one digital coaxial output on Cube DAC. It supports up to 24 bit/192kHz audio stream playback through optical and coaxial input, and the USB port support 24 bit/48kHz playback. Both Windows and MAC OS system are supported, an no need to install driver.


Quattro AMP

Quattro AMP has a fully balanced structure and is equipped inside with high quality independent four-channel broadband amplifier. With matrix’s unique headphone auto-detection feature. QUATTRO AMP will explore every detail of the music, and provide you with a tactile sensation of its sound performance to fully meet your demands for a high-quality Hi-Fi.

Quattro DAC

Quattro DAC has a fully balanced structure. It is equipped with top AD1853 24Bit/192kHz D/A chip and AD1893 ASRC chip inside. With MATRIX’s unique CPLD algorithm, QUATTRO DAC can effectively reduce the input signal jitter. USB input support up to 24Bit/96kHz sample rate playback£¬others input support up to 24Bit/192kHz sample rate playback.


Mini-i DAC

Mini-I uses two AD1955 D / A chips, its USB port supports up to 16Bit / 48kHz of digital signal input and other ports support up to 24Bit / 192kHz of digital signal input. It has a LCD display and 90 digital volume control. it also has both balanced and unbalanced line outputs. Headphone output can drive 300 ohms of headphones. With a digital output which can output digital signals to other devices. Infrared remote control can remotely operate the volume, mute, input channel and switch.



DA-100plus is the pioneering work of MATRIX. This product adopts DAC7-1bit D/A conversion unit of Philips SAA7350 and TDA1547. DA-100plus is designed with four independent D/A structure which is a full balanced stereo system, ultra-low jitter digital receiving interface, with high quality HDCD decoding function. With optical, coaxial, USB digital signal input, digital input no signal detection. The analog part of low-pass filtering and output circuit adopts the professional audio operation amplifier OPA604/OPA2134, the analog part can be switched to operate amplifier output mode and transistor mode, and the internal units are independent and multi-stage stable power supply. The sound of the DAC is natural with high quality. The ultra-high resolution and SNR excavate every tiny detail of music for you. The emphasis of the transistor output module on the human voice and the expansion of the acoustic field location can create a real music scene for you.