USB Port Specs:
USB 3.0-Compliant xHCI Host Controller
PCIe x1 Gen2 Interface
One Downstream Port
Drivers Installation
Drivers will installed automatically on Windows 8/8.1/10 system, or you can download it from the product page manually.
It's no need to install drivers on the mainstream version of OS based on Linux.


Power Supply Specs:
USB power supply output: MAX 5V/1500mA
External power supply: DC 9~12V,≥1200mA
Power supply port: outer diameter 5.5mm; inner diameter 2.1mm (+ for inner, - for outer)
Please do not connect to the power supply with a voltage above 12V, or will cause damage.
Some USB devices do not use the power supply from USB port, but it does not mean the bus
power supply could be unplugged, or it will cause the USB devices to malfunction.
Please disconnect your USB device before you change the X-Hi's power supply mode. If you
switch the power supply mode when device is connected, the USB bus power supply surge
may cause the device to malfunction.


114mm×64mm×23mm (Including the protruding part)


Adapter Cable
4 pin D-type to SATA 15 pin adapter cable ×1
Standard Baffle
Half-height Baffle