MA Remote app for iPad available on App Store

2020-01-18 15:17news

Matrix is committed to continuously improving the user experience. Since the release of MA Remote app for iOS or Android and the firmwares of element devices, they have been optimized continuously by Matrix team. In the past few months, MA Remote was undergone several upgrades, to fixing some bugs and improving some features. MA Remote is getting better now. Today, we want to proudly introduce you the MA Remote app for iPad!

MA Remote HD

We optimized the MA Remote app for iPad, adjusted the page layout according to the tablet user’s habits, and changed the app to a horizontal display to make full use of the large screen space.


Enjoy high-resolution display

The "Now Playing" interface displays the information of the playing track , the playback control buttons, and the Play Queue is in the same interface. It is more convenient to add and remove tracks and adjust the list to be played.


Streaming service

Sign in to your streaming service account and enjoy massive high-resolution online streaming music. With the big screen, you can see more album information and track categories, making it easier to select tracks.


Easily control

The virtual remote control function can save you from the limitations of the infrared remote control operation. Even in different rooms, as long as it is in the same local area network, you can control and configure the Matrix streamers through MA Remote app.


Multi-device management

If there are multiple Matrix streamer devices, you can add them all into one MA Remote app for management. You can switch default device easily, and also can adjust hardware configuration of the devices. All configuration items can be seen at a glance.


Hurry up at the App Store to download and use MA Remote HD! You are welcome to rate and comment on our app in the App Store review area. Your suggestion is our driving force for improvement!